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The native born with Sankha Yoga is blessed with all types of comforts in life. Lords of the 9th and 10th house from the 10th house respectively give high, medium and small position to the native. To produce the best result, the Yoga should be formed in a benefic house. Further, according to the ownership of planets for different Lagnas:.

Dharma Trikona – the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses in Vedic Astrology

The Raja Yoga gives best result for Virgo and Pisces Lagna, as the 9th lord is a benefic for the Lagna and the 10th lord is also the Lagna lord. Hence, only mixed results are experienced by the natives. In modern scenario, a native with strong DKRY in his horoscope may become a prosperous businessman, successful politician, scientist, Cinema Star, etc. The combination of lords 9th sun , 10 Mercury and 11th Venus in Lagna, aspected by 2nd lord Saturn has made him a successful and famous industrialist. There is exchange of lords of 2nd and 4th house, and Gajakesari Yoga formed by Jupiter in 2nd and Moon in 11th house.

Lagna Lord Jupiter and 5th Lord Mars aspect 10th house. The 9th lord Saturn is in 7th house, and the 10th lord Jupiter is in Lagna. Both aspect each other.

The 10th lord Jupiter aspects 9th house and 9th lord. The Yoga result has given him political success. As from Lagna the 9th lord Saturn is also lord of 8th, he had to face many ups and downs in his political career.

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  • Yogakarka and 9th lord Venus is in 9th house itself. This planetary position has made him a successful, wealthy and famous Cinema Actor of Bollywood. Venus gets Neechabhanga being with exalted Mercury. He has enjoyed great success in life. There is Gajkesari Yoga. The aspect of 5th lord Mercury, 9th lord Venus and 2nd and 11th lord Jupiter on 2nd house face and speech has been instrumental in his success in films.

    Dharma Trikona - the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses in Vedic Astrology - efgerladenco.tkity

    As the DKRY occurred in 8th house, he also had to face serious physical and financial set-backs in life. The combination is aspected by Jupiter located in 8th house, and also by Ketu from 6th house. What is the ultimate target of struggling so hard in life? We spend our lives chasing happiness, but not every one of us gets to taste it.

    Only a few of us are lucky enough to get want we want and what we deserve. But, do we have control over our happiness? How can we know if we are entitled to this much happiness or not? It is our fate that decides and controls our lives. The position of planets, stars, moon and sun decides the course of action of our life.

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    Some situations and Yogas determine if we will face sorrows or happiness in our lives. Raja Yoga is one of them. The Yoga makes you live a Royal and king-sized life. The Yoga brings huge success, name, fame, power and position.